Company Profile

In-House Facilities

Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine (electric motor)

Vacuum forming machine

Double shot injection molding machine

Stamping press mold machine

Tear processing machine

Automated coating line

Door trim welding machine

HVAC final inspection machine

Laser cutting machine


Injection molding machine 1,600~4,000tons 20 units (including 13 electric and 7 hydraulic units)
350~850tons 6 units
Double shot injection molding machine 400tons+400tons 2 units
1450tons+1450tons 1 units
Stamping press mold machine 600~1,200tons 6 units
Vacuum forming machine   4 units
Urethane foaming equipment   1 sets


Automated coating line 21 coating robots 2 sets
Batch coating equipment 2 robots 3 sets (including touch-up)

Assembly and Trim

Instrument panel assembly 10 cells
Door trim assembly 10 cells


Various types of robots 80 units
Laser cutting machine 4 units
Laser tear processing machine 1 units
Vibration welding machine 8 units
Ultrasonic tear processing machine 1 units
Tear processing machine 2 units
Frame treatment machine 1 units
Trim cutting machine 2 units
HVAC final inspection machine 3 units


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