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October 1968 Founded: Yowa Industry, Ryosei Industry
Injection molding plant completed, door trim line and urethane foaming line completed
February 1973 Started production of instrument panels for compact passenger cars
February 1980 Inauguration of Suiryo Plastics as a direct subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors
June 1983 Ceiling manufacturing plant completed (present-day No. 3 assembly plant)
July 1983 PP coating plant completed
February 1987 Concluded Contracts for Technical Assistance with THAI SUMMIT AUTOPARTS INDUSTRY and SUMMIT AUTO SEATS INDUSTRY, both of Thailand
May 1987 Injection molding plant for large parts completed
February 1990~
April 1991
Concluded Contracts for Technical assistance with TECK SEE PLASTIC, AZMAN HAMZAH PLASTIK, RAYA PLASTIK INDUSTRY, CARINPA, and EP POLYMERS of Malyasia
September 1990 Started production of the world's first instrument pad through the development of stamping press mold technology (SPM) with patents pending in 11 overseas countries
April 1991 New small size injection molding plant completed (present No. 2 assembly plant)
April 1992 Headquarter building and plant (approx. 9900 sqm.) completed, concentrated the computers, CAD/CAM, office works and Technology departments on the Intelligent Floor
October 1992 Fully automated modern coating plant completed.
June 1993 Concluded Contracts for license of stamping press mold technology ・technical assistance with SANKO GOSEI.UK of England
October 1993~
March 1998
Concluded Contracts for license of stamping press mold technology with PEGUFORM of Germany, INERGA of Spain, PLASTIMAT of Czech Republic, Tong Yang Industry of Taiwan, MAGNA of Canada, HICOM-TECK SEE MANUFACTURING of Malyasia
September 1997 Expansion of west side of No. 1 Assembly plant completed
January 1999 Kibi plant completed
June 2000 Acquired ISO9001 Certification
June 2002 Acquired ISO14001 Certification
September 2002 Testing Lab completed
November 2002 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation becomes 100% shareholder
May 2004 Electrostatic coating line completed
December 2005 Start operation of a 3,000-ton electric molding machine (world's first mass-produced machine: jointly developed with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)
February 2006 Start operation of a 850-ton electric molding machine
September 2006 Start coating line operation of Kibi plant
April 2007 Assembly plant of Kibi plant completed
June 2007 Start operation of a 2,300-ton electric molding machine
May2008 Start operation of a 1,600-ton and 2,300-ton electric molding machine
December 2008 Air garden on the roof of the head office plant completed (global warming prevention measures)
January 2012 Bumper shipping area of headquarter plant completed
March 2012 Start operation of the security gate of headquarter plant
August 2012 Concluded the cotract of development and technical assistance for Instrument panel with DajiangYuChyang Plastic Co. China
March 2013 Completed Lay out for the shipping yard of Kibi plant
April 2013 Start operation of HVAC assembly line
June 2013 Start operation of Okazaki plant
September 2013 Start operation of a 1,050-ton and 1,450-ton electric molding machine
April 2014 Start operation of a 1,600-ton electric molding machine
October 2017 Start operation of instrument panel facility of Okazaki plant
April 2019 Start operation of a 3,500-ton electric molding machine


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