Technology Introduction


Gas injection

By injecting gas during injection molding, a hollow part is formed in the product, thereby preventing sink in the thick wall of the molded product as well as improving product rigidity due to the hollow structure.

Double shot injection

Can handle both with the same material or with different materials.
Timing belt covers, air outlets, etc.

Preform SPM

The world's first successful stamping press mold of a three-dimensional deep-drawn shaped product.

Large parts injection with glass fiber

The battery tray of an electric vehicle, which is a large molded product, is molded into a low-pressure INJ using long glass fiber PP. We have reduced material and processing costs compared to the conventional molding method of sheet hot press forming. The embedded nut is inserted and molded to reduce the nut insertion processing cost.

Low-pressure injection

It can be molded with 30% to 50% of the clamping force of normal injection molding. We can realize low-cost products with little deformation.

High-cycle injection

By introducing an electric molding machine, we have achieved industry-leading high-cycle molding. Bumper molding is being mass-produced in a 30-second cycle.
*We own 12 large electric molding machines jointly developed with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

Processing facility

Double shot injection processing machine

Preform SPM processing machine

Vacuum forming machine

Foam molding machine

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