Quality and Environment

By manufacturing products that gratify human sensibilities,
we provide products that can satisfy our customers.

Quality Improvement Activities

We are developing various quality improvement activities in order to deliver products that satisfy our customers.

QC Meeting

Quickly feed back to the relevant departments about any issues that occur, regardless of whether they are at the customer side or within the process, and determine a response policy

QS Activities

A quality staff system that is stationed at the customer's premises to collect information and ensure the final quality of our company

Scene from a QC Meeting

For any issues discovered at the customer side and during the process, the top management of the company, as well as each department (Operations, Production Management, Manufacturing, Technology, and Quality Management), shall comprehensively verify the problems, and at the same time strive to make corrections and take preventive measures.

Parts Inspection and Measurement

We conduct various inspections and measurements, to not only deliver a peace of mind and satisfaction to our customers with data, but also work to create products that satisfy our senses.

■Measurement with inspection jigs

■Product shape confirmation compared with CAD data

■Inspection with a measuring instrument that is near to view by the human eye

Environmental Initiatives

We acquired ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certification in June 2002 and are actively engaged in activities.
Furthermore, with the aim of energizing and expanding the scope of these activities, we will rebuild our internal initiative system and actively promote "Environmental Initiative" activities.

Environmental Report FY2022 [PDF]
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Recycling Technology

From the perspective of reducing environmental impact and energy conservation, we reuse the waste products and scraps generated in the product manufacturing process to improve yield and eliminate waste.

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