Technology Introduction

Secondary Processing

Airbag door tear processing

To make the tear of an airbag door that is integrated with the instrument panel by laser cutting, ultrasonic cutting, cold blade cutting, and other methods tailored to the characteristics of each product. Achieve a invisibilization and high-quality appearance.

Various welding technologies

By taking advantage of the characteristics of resin products, we have realized a structure that supports recycling without using screws or rivets at low cost. Various welding methods (vibration, ultrasonic wave, impulse, etc.) can be handled.

Example) We have developed ultrasonic welding technology by fully automating bumper brackets. This ensures quality stability, traceability, and reduces the work man-hours compared to conventional hand welding.

Fabric 3D lamination technology

In contrast to the pasting technology for ultra-deep drawing shaped parts, which was impossible in the past, it has become possible to propose high-quality products by combining the characteristics of the fabric and adhesive technology. In addition, design stitching can also be set to 3D shapes, and we are developing products to various grades at low cost.

Trim piercing technology

Removal (cutting) of surplus shapes as products is done using the optimal processing method according to the target product. We can handle a wide range of methods, from equipment that targets high-mix low-volume types using general-purpose equipment such as laser cutting and ultrasonic knife cutting, to pressed and thermal blade cutting targeting high-volume low-mix types.

Secondary Processing Facilities

Laser cutting machine

Ultrasonic cutting machine

Cold blade tearing machine

Ultrasonic knife cutting machine

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