Technology Introduction

The quality of Suiryo Plastics is supported by technology for the future.

Processing Technology


Gas injection
Double shot injection
Low-pressure injection
Preform SPM
Large parts injection with glass fiber
High-cycle injection
Urethane-injected foaming
Core-back foam molding
Concave vacuum forming
Ultra-lightweight thin-wall molding

Secondary Processing

Airbag door processing technology
・Laser tear processing
・Ultrasonic tear processing
・Cold blade tear processing
Various welding technologies
・Ultrasonic welding
・Vibration welding
Fabric 3D lamination technology
・Kimekomi (Fitting-in)
・Design stitching
Trim piercing technology
・Laser cutting
・Ultrasonic knife

Surface Decoration

Bumper coating
Hydrographic printing
Film inserts
Precision masking coating
Specialized coating
Pad printing
Resin plating
Laser etching

Development Flow

Environmental Technology

Major Initiatives

For technological developments in the environmental field, we are working on the development of products using biomass resin (carbon neutrality) and the development of resin outer panels and foamed products (improved fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction by weight reduction).

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