Development Flow

CAE Technology

At the development stage, we use CAE analysis to predict the strength and impact performance of large assemblies such as bumpers, instrument panels, and door trims.
In addition, by predicting the weld position, clamping force, product warpage, etc. in advance by flow analysis, the development period can be shortened and reduce the development costs.

Impact Analysis

- Impact analysis of instrument panels, door trims, front pillars, etc. for occupant protection.
- Pedestrian leg collision analysis of bumper ASSY for pedestrian protection.

Flow Analysis

- Prediction of resin temperature, pressure, speed, and clamping force during molding.
- Predict position of weld during molding.

Product Strength Prediction

- Predict the surface rigidity of bumpers, instrument panels, door trims, etc.
- Predict product deformation, warpage, and distortion due to heat.

Fluid Analysis

- Predict the flow of wind from the air-out. Predict wind speed, wind direction, and pressure loss due to differences in air-out and fin shape.

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