Technology Introduction

Surface Decoration

Bumper coating

The use of electrostatic coating greatly improves coating efficiency. The coating section is produced at a completely unmanned plant.
The coating cycle is 9 seconds per piece, which is top class in this industry.

Hydrographic printing

Transfer technology for various patterns such as wood grain and carbon tone.
It can also handle large items (ceiling-embedded air conditioner panels).

Film Insert Injection

Possible to perform the molding and decoration processes at the same time. Various design representations such as metallic, pearl, glossy, matte, wooden grain, and surface textures are possible.
Multicolored patterns can also be molded in one process due to their high alignment accuracy, of which can streamline the processing.

Precision masking coating

Improve the precision of the products and masking jigs, and enables smooth beautiful painting cuts.

Pad printing

Clear printing on curved surfaces is possible.

Resin plating

We have a track record of fully plated bumpers.
It contributes to the diversification of needs.

Specialized coating

Handle various coatings that are diversifying. Shell tone, plated/metal tone, piano black, etc.

Laser etching

Express dense patterns and color changes on the surface of coated products.

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